Model No.: MCT-17856


A. Hydraulic Feeding Module
Oil tank with speed regulator, quick connector, two limit switches.
Two sliding rods
Two connection boards affixed on the steel plate to support sliding rods
Bottom mode
Front alignment board
Rear alignment board
Aluminum sliding base

B. Hydraulic Press Module
Oil tank with speed regulator, quick connector, two limit switches
Two sliding rods with linear roller bearing Press board
Steel bottom board (thinkness : 8 mm (0.3")) affixed on the aluminum platform with the adjustable distance of 1" in X ang Y directions

C. Hydraulic Power Unit
Power: AC 110V/ 1HP
Pump: adjustable, 0 ~ 60 kg/cm^

D. Solenoid Valve Set
4/3, center normally closed: 2 pcs
DC 24V
Solenoid valve manifold
Pressure guage (0 ~ 100 Kg/cm^)

E. Control Panel Module
Control panel size: 23.5" x 9.5" (600 x 340 mm)
Pushbutton switch: 2 pcs
Selection switch : 2 pcs
Emergency stop switch: 2 pcs
Red, Yellow, and Green indicator: 1 piece each
DC power supply with the overload protection, DC 24V/5A
Mitsubishi FX 2N DI 16/ DO 16 PLC controller
No-fuse breaker
Emergency power shutdown switch installed next to the control panel

F. Trolley :
Size: 27.5" x 17.75" (700 x 450 mm)
Material: Steel plate
Control panel drawer
Rollers with stopper

1. Introduction to Hydraulic Elements
2. Introduction to Hydraulic Loops, Assembling, and Disassembling
3. Introduction to Sensors
4. Introduction to Electrical Components
5. Mechanism Assembling/ Disassembling
6. PLC Program Design