Model No. MTT-3000

Feature: MTT-3000 is an experimental experiment for users to learn basic concept of the full duplex wireless system and mobile telecommunication.

* Full Duplex Voice & Data Communication

* Half Duplex Voice & Data Communication

* Practice of RF interference & Mobile environment

* Chatting by using your own computers

* Board level and full system level experiments are available by using one set

* Auto mode and Manual mode are selectable

* 16 x 2 character LCD

* LED indicator

* Overload protection


Communication Methods: Full Duplex/ Half Duplex

Channel Access: Multi-Channel Access

Frequency Range: Base unit: 46.51 ~ 46.97MHz

Mobile unit: 49.67 ~ 49.99 MHz

Output Power: +4.5 dBm (Max)

Channels: 15 Duplex Channels

Bandwidth/ Channel: 25 KHz

Modulation: FM

Frequency Stability: less than 5 ppm

Receiving Sensitivity: Over 20dB SINAD at -100 dBm

Auto Channel Scan Time: less than 200 ms

Data Rate: 2400 bps

Experiment Steps:

mtt 3000 1 mobile

1. Board Unit Module Experiment: Power, Audio, Radio Frequency

2. Half Duplex Audio and Data Experiment: Half Duplex Transmitting and Receiving Experiment

3. Full Duplex Audio and Data Experiment: Full Duplex Communication Experiment

4. Mobile Environment Experiment: RF Interference Experiment among Systems

5. Data Communication: Chatting Practice by Serial Communication

Training Contents:

Part 1: Introduction to MTT-3000

Experiment 1: Full Duplex Mobile Telecommunication Lab Equipments

Experiment 2: Power Part

Part 2: Audio Frequency Part

Experiment 3: Condenser Mike and Limiter

Experiment 4: Compressor

Experiment 5: Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis

Experiment 6: Expander

Experiment 7: Band-pass Filter and Squelch Circuit

Part 3 Radio Frequency Part

Experiment 8: PLL Oscillator I

Experiment 9: PLL Oscillator II

Experiment 10: Transmitting Part

Experiment 11: Receiving Part

Part 4 Control Part

Experiment 12: Microcomputer and Key Matrix Control Peripheral Circuits

mtt 3000 2 basePart 5 Full Duplex Communication

Experiment 13: Half-Duplex Transmitting Integration Experiment

Experiment 14: Half-Duplex Receiving Integration Experiment

Experiment 15: Full-Duplex Integration Experiment

Experiment 16: Radio Environment Experiment

Experiment 17: Chatting by using Serial communication

Standard components in the package

1 Base Set

1 Mobile Set

1 Experiment Manual

1 Program CD

2 RS232 cables

2 Handsets

2 AC Adapters

1 Carrying Case