Model No.: BECT-17210

Curriculum Outline

1. Design and implementation of basic electronic circuits and waveform generator circuits.

2. Design and implementation of digital circuits and signal process circuits.

3. Design and implementation of regulator DC supply and applications of transistors.

4. Design and implementation of the applications of basic electronic circuits.


1. A complete laboratory training system.

2. Understanding the theories and applications of basic electronic circuits.

3. Suitable for both technician and vocational high school training.


Module One: BECT-17210-01

Chapter 1: Basic Electronic Circuits

Diode and transistor switches

Experiment 1: Diode switch (Vcc=12V)

Experiment 2: Transistor switch (Vcc=12V)

Experiment 3: Improved transistor switch (fin=20 ~ 100 kHz)

Basic applications of operation amplifiers (I)

Experiment 4: Inverter OP amplifier (fin=1 kHz, Vin=2 Vpp)

Experiment 5: Inverter (fin=1 kHz, Vin=2 Vpp)

Experiment 6: Non-inverter OP amplifier (fin=1 kHz, Vin=2 Vpp)

Experiment 7: Voltage follower (fin=1 kHz, Vin=2 Vpp)

Basic applications of operation amplifier (II)

Experiment 8: Comparator (Vs=±12 V, Vref=±1 V)

Experiment 9: Zero-crossing detector (Vs=±12 V, Vref=0 V)

Experiment 10: Photoelectric controller (Vs=±12 V, Vref=6 V)


Module Two: BECT-17210-02

Chapter 2: Waveform Generator Circuits

Schmitt trigger circuits

Experiment 1: Schmitt trigger (Vs=±12 V,fin=1 kHz, Vref=10 Vpp)

Experiment 2: 555 delay circuit (Vs=12 V, Ton=6 sec)

Experiment 3: Delay turn-off circuit (Vcc=12V, Ton=4~9 sec)

Astable multivibrator

Experiment 4: OPA astable multivibrator (Vs=±12 V, Vout=22 Vpp square-wave)

Experiment 5: 555 astable multivibrator (Vcc=12 V, Vout=11 Vpp square-wave)

Experiment 6: Sparkling lamp

Crystal oscillator

Experiment 7: TLL crystal oscillator (f0=100 kHz~4 MHz)

Experiment 8: OPA Crystal Oscillator (f0=1 MHz, Vout=6 Vpp)


Module Three: BECT-17210-03

Chapter 3: Digital Circuits

BCD adder

Experiment 1: BCD adder (IC: 4560B)

BCD subtractor

Experiment 2: BCD subtractor (IC: 4560B, 4561B)

Applications of Timer

Experiment 3: Monostable circuit (Vcc=12 V, Ton=5~10 sec)

Experiment 4: Touch switch (Vcc=12 V, Ton=5 sec)

Experiment 5: Alarm circuit (Vcc=5 V, IC:555, Speaker)

Digit display circuit

Experiment 6: 4518 counter

Experiment 7: Digit Display Circuit (Vcc=5 V, IC: CD4518)

Application of LCD

Experiment 8: LCDM circuit (Vcc=5 V, IC:4511)


Module Four: BECT-17210-04

Chapter 4 Signal Process Circuits

Digital to analog converter

Experiment 1: R-2R ladder network (Vcc=8V, Vout=0~7.5 V)

Experiment 2: D/A converter (Vs=±15 V, IC:DAC0800)

Analog to digital converter

Experiment 3: A/D converter (Vcc=5 V, IC: ADC0804)


Experiment 4: Low-pass filter (fc800 Hz)

Experiment 5: High-pass filter (fc2.5 kHz)

Experiment 6: Bandpass filter (fc=160 Hz, BW30 Hz)

Experiment 7: Bandstop filter (fc=180 Hz, BW50 Hz)


Module Five: BECT-17210-05

Chapter 5 Regulator DC Supply

Applications of 7800 series regulator

Experiment 1: 7805 regulator characteristics (Vin=8~15 V, Vout=5 V)

Experiment 2: 7805 expanded voltage (Vin=12 V, Vout=5~7 V)

Experiment 3: 7805 variable regulator (Vin=12 V, Vout=11 V)

Experiment 4: 7805 current source (RL=0~330 Ω, Iout=-10 mA)

Applications of 7900 series regulator

Experiment 5: 7905 regulator characteristics (Vin=8~15V, Vout=-5 V)

Experiment 6: 7905 expanded voltage (Vin=-12 V, Vout=-5~-7 V)

Experiment 7: 7905 variable regulator (Vin=-12 V, Vout=-11 V)

Experiment 8: 7905 current source (RL=0~330 Ω, Iout=11 mA)


Module Six: BECT-17210-06

Chapter 6 LED and Transistor Application Circuits

Electronic Competition-Answer machine

Experiment 1: Electronic Competition-Answer machine (Vcc=12 V, IC: CD4011B)

Remote lamp controller

Experiment 2: Basic remote lamp controller using DC voltage (Vcc=5 V, IC: CD4017B)

Experiment 3: Remote lamp controller using AC voltage (AC:110 V, Vin=12 V, IC: CD4017B)

Electronic Wheel-Amusement machine

Experiment 4: Electronic Wheel-Amusement machine (Vcc=9~16 V, IC:555, CD4017B)