Basic Electricity Lab

Basic Electricity Lab, Model No.: BEL-1080

Experiments covered in the lab:

1. Ampere's Rule

2. Corkscrew Rule

3. Lenz's Law

4. Fleming's Rule s

5. DC RLC Series and Parallel Circuits

6. The Venin's Theorem

7. Maximum Power Transfer Circuits

8. Ammeter

9. Digital Multimeter

10. Analog Multimeter

11. Potentiometer

12. Whetstone Bridge

13. Slide Wire Bridge

14. Safe Current and Insulation Resistance

15. DC R-L-C Transient State Circuits

16. AC R-L-C Series and Parallel Circuits

17. Harmonic Oscillation Circuits

18. Single Phase Voltmeter and Multi-Range Power meter

19. Single Phase Power-Factor Meter

20. Single Phase Watt-hour Meter

21. Half-wave and Full-wave rectifier circuits.