Model No.: FPE-21605

FPGA Power Electronics Module
1. 1000K FPGA programmable logic gates with DSP power electronics control chip
2. 16-bit TI-MSP430 microcontroller
3. USB interface for parameters setting and real-time control
4. 12-Bit 2-CH ADC

5. 12-Bit 2-CH DAC
6. 128KB RAM and 512KB Flash ROM
7. 26-PIN output interface for the power electronic driver control interface
8. 4-digit LED 7-segment display
9. 4x4 matrix keypad
10. 16 I/O with LED display
11. Fiber optical I/O interface, providing upto 31 sets synchronized control

DC Converter with single-phase Inverter Module
1. 4 Independent MOSFET driver circuits, selected by switches
2. MOSFET rated at 100V/5A
3. A Switch to select load resistor, capacitor, inductor and transformer
4. Over voltage/ current protection

Three-phase Inverter Driver Module
1. IPM-IGBT driver circuit with rated 600V/ 20A
2. Over voltage/ current protection

3-phase AC Servo Motor
1. 750 W rated output
2. Rated torque 7.16 N.M.
3. The maximum torque 21.5 N.M.
4. Rated speed 1000 RPM.
5. Continuous current 4.2A
6. The maximum current 12.6A
7. AC servo motor output optical disk, accuracy 2500P/Rev
8. Hall element output signals
9. Motor fixture and rotary disc.

AC Transformer
1. Input: 110 or 220VAC
2. Output: 60VAC
3. Output current: 0 ~ 4A

System Software
1. System operation designed by FPLC graphic control system
2. Illustration tools includes shapes, lines, characters
3. Dynamic simulation symbols include meters, display lights, oscilloscopes, transducers, push-buttons,..
4. Select your own jpg file as the background for the monitoring screen
5. 4-channel oscilloscopes for real-time display
6. 16-channel 24MB logic analyzer for real-time display
7. FPGA with DSP power electronics control chip which can be re-planned and re-designed
8. Fiber optics interface can be used for synchronized communication to execute the FPGA data. The data exchange rate is upto 1KHz.
9. Experiments included in the system software:
DC power conversion experiments:
1. Buck conversion circuit
2. Boost conversion circuit
3. Buck-Boost conversion circuit
4. Cuk conversion circuit
5. Flyback Power Supply
6. Forward Power Supply
7. Double-ended forward power supply
8. Push-Pull Power Supply
9. Full-bridge Power Supply
DC to AC conversion experiments:
1. PWM waveform generation experiment
2. PWM driver control experiment
3. Half-bridge frequency conversion circuit
4. Full-bridge frequency conversion circuit
5. Square-wave frequency conversion circuit
6. Sine wave frequency conversion circuit
7. Resonant frequency conversion circuit
Three-phase AC Servo Motor Controls:
1. Open-loop voltage control
(a). 3-phase voltage control
(b). PWM voltage control
(c). PWM logic control
(d). Phase angle in the magnet field
(e). Speed and rotation angle control
2. Open-loop positioning control
3. Closed-loop torque control
4. Closed-loop speed control
5. Closed-loop Positioning control
6. Acceleration/deceleration control and forward-gain compensation
7. Programmable positioning control