Super Mechatronics Trainer/ PLC Control Trainer, Model No.: SMT-58310

smt 58310 new

The Super Mechatronics Trainer is one of the most comprehensive mechatronics workstations ever designed on a single station for training purposes. It covers color sensing, material sensing, object orientation, assembly, sorting, and storing technologies. A thumbwheel switch is used in the station for assembly pattern selection in real-time to make it a flexible manufacturing system. This station can deliver most of the mechatronic techniques that students need before they step out of the classroom and become well-trained technicians. These provided experiments help students boost their programming skills to another level. Students will learn how to write structured function blocks from the flow charts. This system also works as a PLC control trainer. It provides bonus curriculums for students to practice Relay type instructions, Timer instructions, Counter instructions, Comparison Instructions, Math instruction, and Move instructions. 



1.Utilize a single-solenoid valve with spring return to cylinder video icon

2. Utilize a 2-position, double-ended solenoid valve to control a cylinder

video icon video icon video icon

3. Utilize multiple cylinders for sequence/ positioning controlvideo icon

4. Utilize multiple pushbuttons to control a DC motor to drive a mechanism to multiple required positionsvideo icon

5. Utilize pushbuttons and sensors for positioning controlvideo icon

6. Color and orientation detectionvideo icon

7. Material and orientation detectionvideo icon

8. Circular workpiece feeder operation controlled by a thumbwheel switchvideo icon

9. Rectangular workpiece feeder operationcontrolled by a thumbwheel switchvideo icon

10. Robotic Arm Controlvideo icon

11. Circular workpiece color and orientation detectionvideo icon

12. Rectangular workpiece material and orientation detectionvideo icon

13. Storage platform unloading control applicationsvideo icon

14. Storage platform loading control applicationvideo icon

15. Storage platform reorganizing control applicationvideo icon

16. Basic assembly and storing controlvideo icon

17. Assembly pattern selection and storing controlled by a thumbwheel switchvideo icon


1. Aluminum circular feeder

2. Aluminum rectangular feeder

3. Gantry-type mechanism

4. Ejection ramp

5. Mobile storing platform

6. PLC control unit

7. Solenoid valve sets

8. Control panel

9. Aluminum platform

10. Proximity sensors

11. Photo electronic sensors

12. Fiber optics sensors

13. Inductive proximity sensors

14. Photo-interrupter sensors

15. BCD coded, single-digit thumbwheel switch

16. Single-acting cylinders

17. Double-acting cylinders

18. Platform Dimensions: 40"x 22"