Manufacturing Station, Model No. MAN-1404

Manufacturing Station MAN-1404 is a member of our Flexible Mechatronics Family. All mechanism modules in the system can be adjusted in X, Y, or Z axes to make an easy transition from one module to another module. The modules in the system can be combined with the other modules in the Flexible Mechanism family to create different process systems.

This station is suitable for students to practice all fundamental PLC instructions including XIO, XIO, Timers, Counters, seal-in circuits, single cycle control, and continuous cycle control. Students can wire this station to a collaborative robot to practice how to communicate between a PLC to a robot. The open space design makes the parts very easy to be picked up by a robot gripper. 

Sensors and actuators on the mechanism modules are pre-wired to a terminal block attached to the module. The users can simply connect the wires from the terminal blocks to the intermediate terminal block in the mechanism section and use a communication cable to connect those signals to the PLC controller section. The design lets different users reuse the mechanism module without breaking it.

The interposing relay is used for the PLC to control the DC geared motor making the drill turn. Students have to understand how an interposing relay works to connect the wires correctly.

The solenoid valves are used for the PLC to control the pneumatic units. Students have to understand the structure of the solenoid valves and how they work so they can connect those pneumatic tubes correctly to make the pneumatic units work as they are supposed to.

1. Drill Module powered by a DC geared motor and two pneumatic cylinders. The module comes with adjustable slots in the X and Y directions.
2. Indexing Table Module powered by a DC geared motor with indexing drive. The module comes with adjustable slots in the X and Y directions.
3. Pneumatic Press Mold Module with adjustable slots in X and Y directions.
4. Run, Reset, and Standby indicator lamps
5. Start, Stop, EMS switches
6. Push-button x 4
7. Two-position selector switch x 1
8. Three-position selector switch x 1
9. Interposing Relay x 1
10. Air Treatment x 1
11. Single solenoid valve with spring return x 1
12. Double, 2-position solenoid valve x 1
13. Double, 3-position solenoid valve x 1
14. Aluminum platform 18" x 28"
15. Allen Bradley Micro 850 PLC controller