Mini Weight Detection Station: MSD-1205

The built-in banana jack input and output interface allows the system to be controlled by an external PLC.

Weight detection module:

Photoelectric sensors detect the weight of the part.

Part holding cylinder.

Part arriving sensor.

Spring style weight detection structure.

XZ axes robotic arm module:

4 reed switches for both ends of the X and X axes.

A dual rod pneumatic cylinder.

The gripper is designed to grab the circular and rectangular parts.

Mobile storage platform module:

Powered by a DC geared motor.

Accommodate 4 parts.

Over-range motor protection device.

5/2 double solenoid valve x2, 5/2 single solenoid valve with spring offset x2.

I/O interface module:

DC power input ports

AC power input ports

11 input ports

8 output ports