Mini Manufacturing Station: MMS-1204

Mini Manufacturing StationThe built-in banana jack input and output interface allows the system to be controlled by your preferred PLC externally.

Indexing table mechanism:
Powered by a DC geared motor with indexing drive.
Four-part holding fixtures are attached to the table to accommodate rectangular parts.
One part arriving sensor, one part departure sensor, and one material sensor are attached underneath the table.

Pneumatic press mold module:
Dual rod pneumatic mechanism with top and bottom limit sensors.

Drill module:
The motor-powered drill is attached to the dual-rod pneumatic mechanism.
The elevator mechanism has a top limit sensor and a bottom limit sensor.
Part holder is powered by pneumatics and has a rear sensor and a front sensor.
Double two-position solenoid valve x 1, double 3-position solenoid valve x 1, single solenoid valve with spring offset x 1.

I/O interface module:
DC power input ports
10 input ports
7 output ports