Model No.: ECT-17650

* Design and Implementation of PAM and PPM Modem.
* Design and Implementation of DPSK Modem.
* Design and Implementation of Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Encoders and Decoders
* Design and Implementation of Phase-Locked Loop Circuits.
* Design and Implementation of MSK Modulator and Demodulator.


Module One: ECT-17650-01
PAM Modulator
PAM Demodulator

Module Two: ECT-17650-02
PPM Modulator
PPM Demodulator

Module Three: ECT-17650-03
DPSK Modulator
DPSK Demodulator

Module Four: ECT-17650-04
CDMA FHSS Spread Spectrum Encoder
CDMA FHSS Spread Spectrum Decoder

Module Five: ECT-17650-05
HF PLL Circuit Design
RF PLL Circuit Design

Module Six: ECT-17650-06
MSK Modulator
MSK Demodulator

fg 17202

Optional Function Generator/ Power Supply module: FG-17202
Power Supply: 4 fixed voltage outputs(+/- 5V, +/- 12V), 2 variable voltage outputs (+/- 0 ~15 V)
Low ripple and noise
Function Generator:
Output: 2 CHs
Frequency Range: 10 Hz ~ 100 KHz, 100Hz ~ 1 MHz
Waveforms: TTL pulse, Square, Triangle, and Sinewave
Amplitude: 10 Vp-p
2 built-in 6-digit frequency counters
Overload protection

* Oscilloscope, function generator, power supply are not included.