Analog Communication Trainer, Model No.: ACT-17300


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1. To understand the basic theory of analog communication system.
2. Design and implementation ability training of analog modulator and demodulator.
3. To understand the applications of analog modulator and demodulator.

Curriculum Outlines:
1. Design and implementation of second-order active filters and RF oscillators.
2. Design and implementation of AM and FM modulator and demodulator.
3. Design and implementation of DSB/SC and SSB modulator and demodulator.
4. Design and implementation of TDM and FDM multiplexer and demultiplexer.
5. Design and implementation of frequency converter and signal recovery circuits.

Module One: ACT-17300-01
Chapter 1: Second-Order Active Filters
Experiment 1: Second-Order Active Low-pass Filter
Experiment 2: Second-Order Active High-pass Filter
Experiment 3: Second-Order Active Band-pass Filter
Experiment 4: Second-Order Active Band-stop Filter

Chapter 2: RF Oscillators
Experiment 1: Colpitts Oscillator
Experiment 2: Hartley Oscillator
Experiment 3: Crystal Oscillator
Experiment 4: Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Module Two: ACT-17300-02
Chapter 3: AM Modulator
Experiment 1: Transistor AM Modulator
Experiment 2: MC1496 AM Modulator

Chapter 4: AM Demodulator
Experiment 1: AM Diode Detector
Experiment 2: AM Product Detector

Module Three: ACT-17300-03
Chapter 5: DSB-SC and SSB Modulator
Experiment 1: DSB-SC Modulator
Experiment 2: SSB Modulator

Chapter 6: DSB-SC and SSB Demodulator
Experiment 1: DSB-SC Product Detector
Experiment 2: SSB Product Detector

Module Four: ACT-17300-04
Chapter 7: FM Modulator
Experiment 1: MC4046 FM Modulator
Experiment 2: SN74124 FM Modulator

Chapter 8: FM Demodulator
Experiment 1: MC4046 FM Demodulator
Experiment 2: LM565 FM Demodulator

Module Five: ACT-17300-05
Chapter 9: TDM Multiplexer
Experiment 1: Waveform Generator
Experiment 2: TDM Multiplexer

Chapter 10: TDM Demultiplexer
Experiment 1: TDM Demultiplexer

Module Six: ACT-17300-06
Chapter 11: FDM Multiplexer
Experiment 1: FDM Signal Generator
Experiment 2: DSB-SC Modulated Signal Generator
Experiment 3: FDM Multiplexer

Chapter 12: FDM Demodulator
Experiment 1: FDM Demultiplexer

Module Seven: ACT-17300-07
Chapter 13: Analog-to-digital Converter
Experiment 1: ADC0804 Analog-to-digital Converter
Experiment 2: ADC0809 Analog-to-digital Converter

Chapter 14: Digital-to-analog Converter
Experiment 1: R-2R Digital-to-analog Converter
Experiment 2: Unipolar DAC 0800 Digital-to-analog Converter
Experiment 3: Bipolar DAC 0800 Digital-to-analog Converter

Module Eight: ACT-17300-08
Chapter 15: Frequency Converter
Experiment 1: Frequency Multiplier
Experiment 2: Up/Down Frequency Converter

Chapter 16: Signal Recovery
Experiment 1: Carrier Signal Recovery Circuit
Experiment 2: Clock Recovery Circuit


Optional Function Generator/ Power Supply module: FG-17202
Power Supply: 4 fixed voltage outputs(+/- 5V, +/- 12V), 2 variable voltage outputs (+/- 0 ~15 V)
Low ripple and noise
Function Generator:
Output: 2 CHs
Frequency Range: 10 Hz ~ 100 KHz, 100Hz ~ 1 MHz
Waveforms: TTL pulse, Square, Triangle, and Sinewave
Amplitude: 10 Vp-p
2 built-in 6-digit frequency counters
Overload protection

* Oscilloscope, function generator, power supply are not included.