Mini Shape Detection Station: MSD-1201

The built-in banana jack input and output interface allows the system to be controlled by an external PLC.

Mini Shape Detection Station: MSD-1201

Gantry-type distribution mechanism module:
Powered by an AC motor and a screw rod.
Guided by the dual rod.
Three position sensors.
Two limit sensors.
Vertical dual rod pneumatic cylinder with two reed switches.
Pneumatic gripper handles circular and rectangular parts.

Conveyor belt module:
Powered by a DC gear head motor.
Linear travel distance: 8.25"
Fiber optic sensor
Proximity switch
Belt tension adjustor

Rectangular part output platform

Circular part output ramp

3 interposing relays

5/2 double solenoid valve, 5/2 single solenoid valve with spring offset.

I/O interface module:
DC power input ports
AC power input ports
7 input ports
6 output ports