Mini Object Orientation and Flipping Station: MOOF-1202
Object Orientation and Flipping StationThe built-in banana jack input and output interface allows the system to be controlled by your preferred PLC externally.
This station detects the circular part's color and opening. It flips the circular part to make the opening face up if necessary. The rotary arm picks up the circular part and swings it to the circular part's output ramp.

The circular part's flipping and gripper module:
  The gripper and the elevator are powered by pneumatics
  The flipping action is powered by a DC motor with a motor protection device

The rotary arm module:
  It is equipped with a suction cup and the rotating action is powered by pneumatics and the timing belt.

The circular part detection module:
  It is equipped with a color sensor, position sensor, and object orientation sensor.

The circular part's output ramp

The solenoid valve module
  one single 5w/2p, three double 5w/2p solenoid valves