Mini Object Orientation and Rotation Station: MOOR-1203

Mini Object Orientation and Rotation Station
Mini Object Orientation and Rotation Station
The built-in banana jack input and output interface allows the system to be controlled by your preferred PLC externally.
The rectangular part feeder pushes out a part once a time. This station detects the rectangular part's opening side. The rotation module turns the rectangular part to make the opening side toward the uphill of the output ramp.

The rectangular part's storage and feeding module:
Pneumatics powers the feeder.
It comes with reed switches and a speed adjustor.
The reflective photomicro sensor is attached to detect the opening side.

The part rotation module:
Two suction cups are attached to the pneumatic rotary actuator. A DC motor and a CAM mechanism power the elevator.

The rectangular part's output ramp

The solenoid valve module
Three single 5w/2p solenoid valves